preview of laguna beach season #3

oh that laguna beach is back (starting aug 12th) with a whole bunch of fresh faces – most of the people in the photo below look like they are ready to kick somebody’s ass (especially that girl in the green dress) i didn’t really watch the show until the tail end of the second season and then my pal tabloid whore got me all hooked on the hills and she does great recaps each week! (so maybe she will do laguna recaps..hint hint TW) so i have a sinking pop feeling that i will be sucked into this show as well…especially since LC‘s little sister breanna is going to have to step up to the faux reality plate! i can deal with LC but that heidi chick…man when brains were passed out – she was totally missing that day! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» watch a promo for laguna beach – season #3 (.mov 15.7mb)

This year, a variety of coming of age stories that surround high school life will be revealed. A girl will find love for the first time, but will she hold onto it? Will a lifelong friendship turn into something more? Does a high school rock band have a chance at making it big? And will a girl ousted from the popular clique find her way back in?

Welcome back to Laguna Beach, CA — where the drama continues, teen angst rules and new faces are introduced:

Tessa –While she and Chase have dated in the past, their relationship is something between friendship and maybe a little something more.

Chase – This hot lead singer of his very own rock band, “Open Air Stereo,” is popular with guys and girls. He’s also a best friend and shoulder to cry on for Tessa.

Kyndra – The reigning queen bee of LB, Kyndra has it all – the right clothes, money to spend and the best party house. She rules the alpha-clique with best friend Cami, and Lexie.

Cami – Always ready with a biting one-liner, Cami has style, confidence and attitude, and is not afraid to say what’s on her mind. As Kyndra’s best friend, they’re all about the parties, fashion and keeping the hot guys in their court.

Raquel (aka “Rocky”) – Along with her best friend Tessa, Rocky is in a clash with the popular girls in school.

Cameron – He’s a player both on and off the field. All the girls in Laguna Beach have a crush on Cameron, but will this All-American jock get in trouble with too many loves?

Kelan – He’s lead guitarist in the band with good friend Chase, but Kelan is way more serious about making it work from a business perspective.

Lexie –Training to be a professional dancer leaves her little time for all the boys who fall at her feet.

Breanna – She’s Lauren’s (LC) little sister and those are big shoes to fill.

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