drama for jen aniston (without brangelina!)

good morning! finally we’ve got jennifer aniston caught in a tabloid scandal on the cover of the latest STAR magazine that doesn’t involve brad pitt or angelina jolie (although angelina and shiloh are right next door on the cover glowing with ‘fab new photos’) it’s such a refreshing change from the usual brangelina vs. jen drama and if true – it’s kinda juicy! apparently ms. aniston has been getting cozy with her co-star (sometimes cutie) owen wilson down in miami where they’re shooting marley and me together and i guess word got to his ex-girlfriend kate hudson who quickly got her ass down to miami to toss owen off of jen’s ‘i’m single’ scent! there’s been rumors of kate & owen reconciling – and jen would get in the way – at least in kate’s eyes…gosh who doesn’t enjoy talk of a love triangle – soapy drama at its best – i’d love to see a good cat fight between the two ladies!

there’s also mention of a possible second chance between britney spears and kevin federline! although it initially sounds like a horrible idea – the more i think about it – maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all – at least she’d be back with her babies’ daddy and we wouldn’t have to be subjected to britney being all crazy looking for another man on the club scene flashing her crotch left & right! i still can’t believe i’m saying this but kevin really isn’t as awful of a person as we all suspected when things first kicked off between the two…

the last bit of gossip on the cover involves dancing with the stars‘ – the 6th season just kicked off this week and already there’s inside drama (more details) with two-time winner cheryl burke and her former (married) dance partner drew lachey…she should forget about mr. lachey and try to get busy with her new dance partner hottie cristian de la fuente (although he’s married too!) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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