oprah winfrey: now with more plump!

good evening! i’ve got the latest cover of national enquirer tonight which is featuring oprah winfrey‘s weight gain (she’s supposedly gone from 146lbs to 246lbs – an ‘estimated’ gain of one hundred pounds) there’s been rumors of trouble over in ‘oprahdi$e’ for months now – stedman graham and ms. winfrey could be calling it quits after over twenty years of being together (since 1986) the ‘final showdown’ has apparently sent oprah into a feeding frenzy causing her to pack on a few extra pounds! if there’s real trouble – i bet the stress comes from figuring out how much money he’ll maybe get if the relationship fizzles out plus i’m sure oprah doesn’t wanting stedman writing a book or flapping his mouth to the press about their time together yet i’d be very surprised if he actually did that – he’s always appeared to be a true gentleman and a stand up kinda guy!

the other ‘big’ story featured on the cover revolves around demi moore who could be having a baby via in vitro fertilization at age 45 – i can’t imagine having grown children and then starting from scratch all over again but if i were married to hottie ashton kutcher i’d totally want to have his baby too – who wouldn’t?!? in other celebrity baby news there’s also a story about supposed troubles for nicole kidman and her pregnancy – i’ve noticed she seems to barely be showing but i have no sense of the timetables of being pregnant – i hope everything goes ok for her and hubby keith urban – their baby will be like the ‘anti’ suri cruise – they’ll be sworn enemies from the start! (total tabloid drama twenty years from now…)

we’ve also got janet jackson with rumored heart trouble from her yo-yo dieting which we all know has been the case with janet over the years – she’s gone up & down so many times…who can keep track? last but not least winona ryder might be up to her old kleptomaniac ways – i love how the magazine calls her ‘sticky fingers’ – ms. ryder rocks though…ever since i first saw her in beetlejuice i’ve been a diehard winona fan! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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