DramaTron: Mary J. Blige vs. Daft Punk

Mashup Of The Week

Remember last year and all the huge buzz and excitement over Tron: Legacy and all the tech nerds having digital orgasms about the news? Then, remember how the movie came and went and totally bombed? Well, the movie had one saving grace: Daft Punk crafted a pretty amazing score for the flick. And who woulda thunk to mash up a diva like Mary J. Blige with those French robots? None other than LA’s own DJ ShyBoy, and hearing her No More Drama (a personal fave of mine) in this buzzing, electro context is just plain fierce! Oh, and be sure to catch DJ Shyboy spinning with me at the next Bootie LA on March 5th.

Download DJ Shyboy‘s DramaTron
[.mp3 / 11.9mb]

Enjoy — DJ Paul V.

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