Video Fix: Ke$ha’s ‘Blow’

Ke$ha - Blow

You might want to put on a pair of mittens or something because I’m pretty sure hell just froze over: Ke$ha released the music video for her new single, Blow, and I li – I liiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee … I like it. WAIT HEAR ME OUT!

You’re right, Ke$ha usually just aims to kick me in the auditory balls, but this one is different. First off: She actually cleaned herself up (in as much as Ke$ha is capable of cleaning up) and honestly? She doesn’t look half bad as long as you’re looking at her from the front. What can I say? Girlfriend has no ass. Second: It features James Van Der Beek who, now that he’s in his post teen drama days, is still a damn fine piece of man meat. Seriously, who would have known that Dawson would grow up to have an ass? And third: UNICORNS. UNICORNS THAT BLEED RAINBOWS.

That is all. Watch it for yourself and see if you agree with me.

Ke$ha - Blow

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