Eat a dick, Bill O’Reilly!

Bill O’Reilly, the former king of crazy over at Fox News, has decided to try and regain his throne from Glenn Beck by trying to bash Jennifer Aniston‘s recent pro-single mother remarks. Because, you know, everyone who has ever had a single mother went on to become a degenerate felon or something like that. Thanks, Focus on the Family and other like-minded hate groups clumsily disguised as scientific research panels!

While promoting her movie The Switch earlier this week, Jennifer Aniston told reporters that women don’t need men to start a family or be good mothers. When Bill O’Reilly caught wind of her statement, he debated the topic of single motherhood on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ and called out the 41-year-old actress. “She’s throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, ‘Hey you don’t need a guy. You don’t need a dad.’ That is destructive to our society,” O’Reilly railed.

FOX News contributor Margaret Hoover and FOX News anchor Gretchen Carlson debated the topic with O’Reilly, admitting young teens wouldn’t be able to comprehend the vast differences between a 40-year-old woman and a teenager raising a child as a single mother. “She is glamorizing single parenthood,” Carlson said. SOURCE

Oh fuck off, O’Reilly. Seriously, you had two parents and you turned out as a giant sack of crap, so quite frankly your existence in and of itself is pretty much a shining recommendation for single mothers everywhere. “I may have to work twice as hard to raise my children, but thank GOD I didn’t give birth to that asshole, Bill O’Reilly!

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