eric bana in elle magazine!

hey kids! who else loves aussie actor eric bana? oh my gosh he’s beyond handsome and he’s also quite an excellent actor! (i still think he rocked as ‘the hulk’ even though no one else seemed to like that film) mr. bana sat down with elle magazine for their april ’07 issue – below are a few of eric’s quotes and his gorgeous mug! i’ll be back later – i can’t bear manic mondays – can anyone else? oh good times! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

on his trademark gaze: “i have a problem where when i think i’m looking friendly, i look like i want to kill someone.”

on his acting technique: “if my character has to feel something, i pretty much want to feel it. i want to feel like i’m killing someone. i want to feel the guilt someone feels after he’s stabbed someone or shot someone. i want to feel the fear of pointing a gun at someone. because it’s just bloody interesting. otherwise it just feels fake.”

on being an introvert: “i’d rather talk about anyone at a party but me, unless i’m with close friends and i’ve had a drink. you get sick of yourself. anyone can jump onstage and do something; i want to watch.”

on ‘banatics,’ his female fans: “i don’t know what ages they are; it’s probably better if i didn’t.”

on taking risks: “risk-taking to me is not risk-taking. what scares me most is sitting around not doing anything, not taking chances.”

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