the pussycat doll search begins!

good evening my pop friends! ok i’ve already heard weak things about this new show but i don’t give a shit – i’m so excited for pussycat dolls present the search for the next doll which premieres tomorrow (tuesday) night over on the ‘all new’ cw (i’m still not feeling that new name – anyone else feel the same way? i much preferred the wb & upn)

ok i know there are some people who will agree with me that some of the singles from PCD are complete guilty pleasures – like buttons…go ahead and pump that one up while driving or riding the subway! the six gals (led by robin antin sister to hair king jonathan antin) are looking for a new pussycat doll to join the group and by the looks of the commercial (of course) major drama ensues but i haven’t even gotten to the very best of all this…our dear rap diva queen bee lil’ kim is one of the judges! i’m beyond stoked – i had no clue she was doing this (no i can’t keep track of everyone)

plus there’s the most adorable guy who is teaching them how to dance – oh my gosh – he’s so cute! make sure to tune into this one – oh i can’t wait! then on wednesday who else is in on the latest cycle of america’s next top model?!? oh i love my tyra banks! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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