Farrah Abraham got rejected by Playboy. Twice.



If there’s one thing I know about the natural life-cycle of the MTV reality famewhore, it’s that near the end of its life cycle, it will try to prolong the inevitable slide into irrelevance by posing for Playboy. Remember Heidi Montag? Of course you don’t, because the universe retroactively erased her and her doucheface husband from existence. Anyway, Farrah Abraham decided to follow in her predecessor’s footsteps by applying to Playboy, only to be rejected not once but TWICE. TMZ reports …

Sources tell us, the star of Backdoor Teen Mom reached out to the men’s magazine following her sex tape release about appearing fully nude in an upcoming issue … one of her lifelong dreams. But the mag said no way, hoe-se. That didn’t stop Farrah from trying one more time though — we’re told she reached out again last month … and the magazine shot back with a SECOND NO, saying they just didn’t have enough room for her.

I like how Hugh Hefner put Heidi Montag, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian in his magazine, and even married the woman who dumped him a week before they were originally supposed to be wed, and yet he can still smell the crazy emanating off of Farrah. Seriously, it must be just wafting off of her. You can probably see little wavey lines coming off of her like an old-timey cartoon.

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