Farrah Abraham: James Deen is threatening me!

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham

Since Farrah Abraham filmed her sex tape, she’s lied about the fact that it was actually a porno, she’s lied about the fact that she’s trying to option it off even though legally she would have had to sign all the paperwork already, and … well, she was on Teen Mom. It’s not like she’s the most honest person in the world. Now, Farrah is trying to accuse James Deen of threatening her with Child Protective Services, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world now that I think about it. TMZ reports …

“Yup definitely calling CPS … have fun with driving and filming your daughter at the same time and bringing her to Vivid entertainment. You fail at life,” said the message obtained by TMZ … which came from an email address that includes Deen’s full name. Says Deen: WASN’T ME!

“Personally I would like to apologize to Farrah on behalf of whoever sent this email and let her know that I am on her side and will happily verify that her child was not exposed to any adult content during the duration of this shoot,” Deen wrote us. He adds: “Also… Not cool people!!!!! Leave the girl alone!!!!!””

Once again, the porn industry manages to come across as classier and more intelligent than some MTV write-off. Because really, Farrah is just a terrible parent and an absolute lunatic. If Deen actually did call CPS on her, I’m pretty sure he’d be hailed as a hero. Might even have a parade thrown for him in WeHo. They love parades down there, I’m tellin’ ya …

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