FashionBytes: Banned CK ad campaign + Harajuku Barbie

In the world of fashion, this week has been ALL about the preview images of the Lanvin for H&M campaign. The word ‘viral’ doesn’t even cut it. Ever since the anonymous video clips and announcement was trending on Twitter, the world has been anticipating what iconic designer Alber Elbaz was going to bring to the world. The strategically leaked images have not failed to disappoint. Bring on the catwalk show and BRING ON THE MENSWEAR PREVIEWS.

On a slightly music-oriented note, Nicki Minaj‘s album cover for Pink Friday (out November 22nd) also popped up this week with Harajuku Barbie looking more doll like than ever before, styled by VIBE magazine’s Fashion Editor, Niki Schwan. Pretty sure the album will be as fierce as the cover art.

On a slightly controversial note due to over-sexualised fashion content, the Advertising Standards Bureau in Australia pulled the billboard for the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign starring Lara Stone because a few sexual assault workers complained that the images depicted gang rape and was demeaning to men and women alike. Um, ok. On that note, I will catch you guys next week. And don’t forget, sexy fashion photography is bad, but you can still see a lot of it at KARLISMYUNKLE.COM.

Nik Thakkar