fashionbytes: lindsay, really + kanye’s living portrait

Is that REALLY Lindsay Lohan‘s body? Does it REALLY matter? Marc Ecko decided to superimpose Lindsay’s face over another body for his new Cut & Sew line digital campaign. He worked with Markus Klinko and Indrani to film her using high-def cameras and ‘augmented reality’ technology to basically e-fuse her face onto a hot body. To me this looks pretty cool, then again, who reading this doesn’t love a hot mess?

At the risk of sounding like a Gaga-stan (Yes, I know she was featured on FASHIONBYTES last week!), the behind the scenes video from the Nick Knight / SHOWstudio shoot for Vanity Fair hit the web this week. It is fierce. Free bitch looks amazing and seeing her smile like that at the end is without a doubt a treat for ALL of her Little Monsters.

On the topic of Gaga and Nick Knight, the covers for the 30th Birthday Issue of i-D magazine just went live. I have been waiting for this issue to come out for a while, as I was around when the three-week celebratory photo shoot took place at Somerset House earlier this year to document the ‘turn of the decade’. According to i-D, almost 200 people took part in the project, including The XX, Phoebe Philo, Sir Paul Smith, Florence Welch, Vivienne Westwood, Lara Stone, Pink and Gareth Pugh and of course the three cover stars; Kate Moss, Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell. What do you think of the covers?

However, the highlight of my week was without a doubt Kanye West‘s living portrait music video for Power by artist and filmmaker Marco Brambilla, also known as the guy who directed Demolition Man. That alone demonstrates how fashion forward his vision is and in my opinion, it is a perfect match for this project. You can check out all the 1:42 minute piece of visual art below. Until next week Popbyters … Oh and one last thing, if you are a massive Kelis fan like we are at Team Popbytes, here is a chronology of Kelis‘ most stunning fashion statements throughout the decade that just launched on her official website. AMAZING.

Nik Thakkar