fashionbytes: no, you can’t smell like gaga!

It turns out that the rumours about Lady Gaga launching a fragrance with Coty are totally false, so sadly you can’t smell like cigarettes, wigs and latex … not yet anyway. However, you CAN still watch her rocking McQueen in the video for Bad Romance which has been competing with Justin Beiber‘s Baby all week on YouTube to be the most watched video. I am 100% ‘Team Gaga’ on this one, Bad Romance was a work of pop culture art, go watch it now!

For all the Taylor Momsen haters out there, today’s column is dedicated to you. “Free b*tch in the making” was officially revealed by Madonna as the face of her Material Girl line. Now she is as cool as adopting a Malawian baby and dating Jesus Luz. There is no denying that Queen Madge has taste.

The best news this week (and you know that MK is loving this) was the launch of the, What Courtney Wore Today – a site dedicated to Courtney Love‘s style and, shock horror, what she wore today. The site is actually maintained by four anonymous peeps, Courtney is not the author of the site, she just sends over images of her outfits (aside from her gym kit) and the foursome write it up. They said, “She may have called it ‘her site’ on Twitter, but her participation is what she meant by her Tweet.”

Until next Friday Popbyters, by which time Marc Jacobs, Jake Shears and Jesus Luz will all be in London for the launch of Marc Jacobs’ ‘Bang’. Are you excited? Please don’t forget to check out mediacation for all the latest fashion insights!

Nik Thakkar