Flight attendants hate Faye Dunaway!

Faye Dunaway

Remember Faye Dunaway? She’s that actress that starred in the camp classic, Mommie Dearest playing Joan Crawford, which turned wire coat hangers from useless household item into RAGE inducers. (Plus she was in Bonnie and Clyde) Anyway, apparently she’s also a gigantic bitch, and when an airline refused to upgrade her to first class … well, here’s the whole story:

When Dunaway turned up at JFK airport with a coach ticket to London and her demands for an upgrade were refused she allegedly became enraged.

“She was a total bitch, screaming at everyone and saying, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’,” the stewardess said.

She was seated at the front of the coach section on purpose so that she could see that there were seats free in business and first class, making her even more furious. Dunaway allegedly became so angry that she refused to eat, and when the actress fell asleep the crew took their revenge by placing wire hangers next to her.

“When she fell asleep, one steward said, ‘I’m going to get that [bleep]’ and grabbed a bunch of wire hangers and put them on the seat next to her.

“All the other passengers were snickering. When she woke up as the plane landed, she was wide-eyed with fury, and looked around [for] whom to blame but had no idea who did it.” SOURCE

Man, that is fucking KILLER. God help me, as someone who has spent far too much of his life in a restaurant, people who don’t treat those in the service industry with respect? WORST. PEOPLE. EVER. So yes, I secretly love it when servers get one up on the bitchy clients.

Faye Dunaway

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