Someone is holding $500,000 against Britney!

Britney Spears

Meh, not my best headline. Anyway, chances are you noticed the many, and I do mean MANY, product placements in Britney Spears‘ music video for Hold It Against Me. Remember the completely random shot of that dating site, Plenty Of Fish? How the fuck are you supposed to squeeze in a dating site into a music video?! Well, it doesn’t really matter, because Britney made herself a cool half a million bucks for all those products placed in her video.

Sources connected to Britney’s video tell TMZ … Spears netted a cool $500,000 for various product placements in her Hold It Against Me video. We’re told the dating site, one of several companies featured in the vid, forked over six figures to feature their site on Brit’s computer during the vid and saw immediate results … a 20% spike in traffic the day after the video premiered. SOURCE

Well, there you have it: All you have to do to score some traffic for your obscure dating site is to awkwardly shoehorn it into a video without any real relevance to the structure of the video. Also, feel free to throw in an ad for perfume too because, well, why the fuck not, right? Hearing things and smelling things is pretty much the same thing anyway, right? In case you’re interested, you can watch director Jonas Åkerlund‘s cut of the video here which contains zero product placement!

Britney Spears

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