hey all – so i watched it – and im still reeling and gathering all my many thoughts and feelings on this amazing, important, and often brilliant documentary (god bless michael moore – he is going to tackle healthcare and HMO’s next…) – i honestly dont even know where to start – but i took a bunch a notes – all amongst the feelings of anger, sadness, amazement, and even laughter – it is a tough film to take on – but i honestly can say 100% it may not be the best movie – or my favorite movie – but it is the most important film i have ever seen – it made me reflect on so many things – that i plan to be putting up a new small site in the next few days – what i plan to write is probably not suitable for popbytes – it just really made me think – and i thank michael moore for that – a much tighter ride than bowling for columbine – i highly recommend this to all and everyone – young & old – i think it will weigh very heavily in the upcoming election (say goodbye bush – anyone who would vote for mofo bush after seeing this movie should be shot – not to offend i stress only those who actually see the film and then vote for bush should be shot) – but i hate all politics – i swear they are all corrupt greedy motherfuckers – wash DC sucks my ass (you all know i dont really give a fuck about anything else but hollywood) – i swear money and power goes hand in hand with corruption (look at the book done on hillary – american evita) – but alas im going down the path that popbytes swears not to take – no politics or religion – strictly pop here folks – so i will keep all you posted on my thoughts of farenheit 9/11 (soon to be on…thank god someone spoke up…

the drama of tv continues tonight – the premiere of my fave shows – big brother 5 & the amazing race – so you will be hearing all about those – and we also have new nip/tucklast comic standing – and some real craziness on joe schmo 2 – that jane schmo figured out something is up – so they are going to let her in on the joke – will she stay or go on to join the actors in their quest to fool mr. joe schmo…popbytes out!

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