hey kids! as promised earlier – i got pics from my VIP access viewing of the 10 idol finalists who performed today on ryan seacrest – so check em out below – thanks to a cool ass gal rudy (i hope yr feeling better!) – we were able to score some kick ass passes – i felt special and wore it the whole day!

fantasia did a great job with her new hit single believe – written by ms. tamyra gray – who also sang at the end – all idols were in great spirits – and it was just a fun time all around (and i got to see ryan’s cute belly – when he was getting his makeup) – west-kevina, karen (shes so cool and so sweet), rick, and i all had a great time – during the commercials – with a timed multi scream – we were able to grab the attention of – amy adams, george huff, fantasia & jennifer hudson – what a fun time to have ms thing fantasia look up at ya and give you her awesomely warm and welcoming smile and wave!! you go girl!! gosh darn i fucking love living and breathing in hollywood…

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