FitnessBytes: Bone a boytoy!

Perpetually young-looking bitches like Madonna know of — and rely upon their surgeons for — many ways to maintain a fit and fabulous appearance. My favorite method requires no recovery time, just the occasional ice pack: Bone a boytoy, like sexy manchild Jesus Luz!

A boytoy doesn’t have to be a younger man per se, but it helps boost the ego. Sex is a vital part of your health and well-being, so everybody should do it — and often! There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. Have sex for an hour and you lose about 300 of those calories, plus relieve stress, improve cardiovascular heath and sleep better. If you’re already in a relationship or have trouble bagging a babe (the singles scene can be ROUGH), enjoy the safety of a hot fantasy fuck! Anybody can let their mind wander — your partner never has to know. If you’re single, a sex toy and a little imagination can be the best date ever.

This week, stay in shape by getting sexed up. To get you in the mood, take a look at a celebrity boytoy wish list with over 100 hotties on my blog.

Bone a boytoy & stay beautiful! {w}

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