FitnessBytes: Don’t fight the holiday spirit!

Many people have a great distain for the holidays. The commercialism, forced social activities, crazy relatives, stressful shopping; all the bah-humbug reasoning. Perhaps I can raise your Christmas spirit (among other things) with Jake Gyllenhaal half naked in a Santa hat?

Another reason people hate this time of year is the food temptation. Treats are literally scattered about everywhere you go, making holiday weight gain a real, calculable thing. Firstly, you can actually lose weight during the holidays (see how on my blog) and you can enjoy those big holiday meals with a little planning.

Here’s what calorie counters have known for decades: minimize calories during the day to nosh at night! For myself, I tend to eat every three hours, making it easy to moderate and leave room for a big meal with dessert. I have a friend – a mother of two — that plans her daily calorie intake to accommodate her nightly cocktail after the kids go to bed. Whatever gets you through!

Avoid stressing yourself out and formulate a plan — while giving yourself over to the fun festivities. Live a little, enjoy.

Don’t fight the holiday spirit & stay beautiful! *W*

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