FitnessBytes: Dump that crazy bitch!

Alex Pettyfer

Glee babe Dianna Agron split from I Am Number Four co-star/boyfriend Alex Pettyfer — he’s a hot bitch, but she’s supposedly scared of his crazy ass.

Alex Pettyfer

She’s “staying at a hotel under an alias” an Us Weekly source says, because he’s “a psycho loose cannon.”

To improve your fitness, dump that nutter! Studies have shown that bad relationships hurt your health:

  • People in bad relationships are 34% more likely to have heart attacks or other heart trouble.
  • Stress also contributes with inflammation which can damage brain cells, cause severe depression and other mood disorders.

On the flip side, there are benefits of being in a good physical relationship, see 10 of them on my blog.

xoxo – Wes

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