Justin Bieber to Fans: Whatever!

Justin Bieber

Yeah, remember when I said Justin Bieber‘s haircut would sap him of his stranglehold on the delusional, teenage masses? Well it turns out I was actually right: Justin is apparently ass-deep in fan hysteria over the loss of his feminine locks, and he’s just brushing those bitches off his shoulder.

“I was inspired by yours!” Bieber joked to Ellen DeGeneres. He admitted to the comic that fans were freaking out — via Twitter and other mediums — about the hair change-up. Retorted the Never Say Never star: “I was like, ‘I don’t really care.'” SOURCE

Actually, when you consider that the tamest response to Justin’s new hairdo involve suicidal tendencies and murderous thoughts towards his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, I can’t see this ending any other way than Beelebieber’s heart being pierced by a silver stake … well, just as soon as his fans find and destroy the seven seals that safeguard his deadly powers. Hey, I was right once, I can be right again.

Justin Bieber

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