Fame split up the Cyrus family?!

So it turns out, giving an interview to GQ magazine where you say that you fear for your daughter’s safety due to all the fame and fortune she’s been given? That might piss her off a bit. Anyway, following his profile story where Billy Ray Cyrus said that Hannah Montana ruined his daughter, Miley Cyrus is now reportedly estranged from her father.

Following the release of the GQ interview in which Billy Ray blasts his daughter’s megasuccess as Disney’s Hannah Montana for her out-of-control behavior, Miley feels she’s been double-crossed by her country crooner dad, who actually helped build her career from a young age. The 18-year-old refuses to even speak to him, and insiders fear it could lead to permanent rift between father and daughter. “Right now, she and Billy Ray are pretty much estranged,” reveals a source. “Miley can’t believe that the father who she was so close to has turned on her like this.” SOURCE

What the hell? He didn’t turn on her, he just said he was worried about her, and was worried about the people she was surrounding herself with, which is sort of the thing ALL parents do. Albeit, he’s a little late to the party, but at least he’s not trying to convince his daughter that if you eat enough free ice cream and wash it down with vodka and gin, you’ll stop hearing the voices in your head that tell you to do bad things (*cough* DINA LOHAN *cough*).

Miley Cyrus - Star Magazine

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