FitnessBytes: Get off your damn phone!

While doubtful that anybody is tired of Cristiano Ronaldo showing off his sessy legs, I have two requests: Put down the cell phone and take off your shirt.

People spend way too much time on their cell (myself included). Schedule time to put your phone out of sight. Overuse of electronics can cause eye strain and a myriad of other health issues.

Much like I want to bury my bone in Cristiano, slip that phone deep inside your gym bag. Cell phones do not belong on the gym floor — at all. Not only is it rude and distracting to others, it airs your personal business for the world to hear. Nobody cares and it’s annoying as hell. Texting instead of using a machine while others are waiting is even more so annoying. PUT THE PHONE DOWN! If you’re so important that you can’t be without your phone for an hour, get an assistant to take your calls like any respectable professional.

Get off your damn phone & stay beautufil! {w}

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