FitnessBytes: Get spiritual and stuff!

Let’s get deep, you guys. Crunchy couples like Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan do it naturally!

Celebs get spiritual and stuff just like everybody else; by tuning in to nature. Hitting a spot like the Joshua Tree National Park (where we’re stalking Evangeline and Dominic) can be therapeutic — mentally, physically and spiritually. All the activities connect oneself to the great outdoors. Sometimes we all need to step away from ourselves and think about bigger things than our petty problems. Not to trivialize your problems, or whatever.

Yoga – lush colors stimulate the experience, making all that bendy stuff perfectly suited to an outdoor environment.

Hiking – engage the body and brain by taking on the terrain. People rarely hike alone. For safety, firstly, but also because all that pretty nature stuff can get boring. For a change, have a keypad-free conversation.

Camping – many people have different ideas of what “camping” is, exactly. I envision a giant log cabin with a roaring fireplace. However defined, being out in the wilderness is good for the soul.

Backpacking – because who doesn’t want to strap all their belongings to their back and walk miles on end? Fun stuff! Great workout!

Rock Climbing – extremely physical, recommended to those with advanced skills only. Hiking is a much safer alternative and you still get to climb over things.

Photography – what would a spiritual awakening be without all the memories stored alongside clever captions on Facebook? Though not typically thought of as a physical activity, photography captures life. An active life is one in motion.

Think deep thoughts & stay beautiful! {w}

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