Ryan Reynolds. That is all.

Ryan Reynolds.

… Alright fine, I guess I should write something, shouldn’t I? Okay then. Anyway, Ryan talked about how he got the amazing body he has today, which basically comes down to having self-discipline and not eating four ice cream sandwiches for breakfast … Haha, not that I would know anything about that. *Eats fifth sandwich*

Nowadays, Ryan can pick his roles, no thanks in part to his dedication to his craft – especially the type that allowed him to get ripped for roles like Green Lantern. “I have a discipline that has served me very well in my career and in my personal life … and that’s gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older,” he said. “I’ve always felt if I don’t just have a natural knack for it, I will just out-discipline the competition if I have to — work harder than anybody else.” SOURCE

Awww, self-discipline? Really? Goddammit, I was kinda hoping for something a little easier. Don’t they have, like, pills and shit to make you buff? Whatever, point is we all like Ryan Reynolds and he is fun to look at so here’s a picture of him. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have ice cream sandwich #6 to take care of.

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