FitnessBytes: STOP CRYING!

One of my favorite movie lines of all-time is There’s no crying in baseball! from 1992’s A League Of Their Own.

Admittedly, I’m prone to occasional waterworks — but only because I have human emotions that make me feel things. I don’t bawl over stupid shit, like having to workout. The kids on MTV’s I Used To Be Fat cry all the damn time and I’m basically over it. Man up, bitches!

I’m still watching like an asshole, yelling at my TV when they cry. Fitness does not have to be torture. You don’t need a trainer, a gym membership or expensive equipment (in fact you can find three easy, anywhere exercises on my blog). All you really need is to do is stop being a little crybaby. Yes, it takes work! Deal with it.

Stop crying & stay beautiful! *W*

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