FitnessBytes: Yogi Britney, Jessica Alba, Xtina + Becks

Britney Spears

FitnessBytes with Wes Ferguson

Britney Spears is finding inner peace, y’all. She’s in Shape magazine busting out some moves like Warrior Two, which opens up the body to improve mental clarity and balance. Yah, she’s gettin’ deep! Yoga is now part of her regular workout routine.

Britney Spears

Hotness Jessica Alba spun her wheels at Flywheel West Hollywood with her husband Cash Warren for a charity cycling ride that brought in big names to benefit Baby2Baby. The charity supplies local families in need with essential baby gear and clothing.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Christina Aguilera doesn’t want you to forget about her! She tweeted out a pic while shooting her new video in nothing but a tight mini skirt and black bra. With most of her clothes off, it’s clear to see those sessions with her personal trainer have been paying off!


Now that David Beckham is retiring, let’s all hope this means he’ll dedicate even more time to posing in his underwear! Staying in shape won’t be a problem for him, so any bets on when he’ll announce a comeback?

David Beckham

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