Justin Bieber will sue you if you talk about his parties!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Because he’s an artist and he wants you all to talk about his craft and to never again mention all that other bull, TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber makes guests at his house parties sign a waiver that states that if any guest talks about what goes on at one of Bieber’s parties, he can sue them for $5 Million. Because nothing says “welcome to my house!” like hanging a $5 Million sword of Damocles over your guests’ head so that they don’t tweet.

TMZ has obtained a copy of a document EVERYONE must sign before entering Casa De Bieb in Calabasas, CA. The doc — a Liability Waiver and Release — warns that anyone who blabs about any of the goings on inside the mansion will get nailed, and that includes the “physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics” of Bieber or the guests. The document makes it clear … anyone who violates the terms of the waiver will automatically be on the hook for $5 million in damages. But wait … there’s more. If you dare tweet about the party — $5 mil. If you blog — $5 mil. If you Instagram — $5 mil.

Just putting this out there, but if you have to make everyone who comes over to your house sign a waiver that states you can sue them for the price of a mansion if they tweet about their time there? Somewhere down the line, your life just went straight to sh!t. Just completely ruined. I mean yeah, the guy’s rich and famous, but try and imagine living a life where you’re so paranoid that you distrust everyone who comes over to the point where there’s a $5 Million bounty on their head if they take some crappy, hipster picture of your place. That’s f**ked up.

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