George Zimmerman’s charity fight got shut down

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman

After George Zimmerman‘s fight got canceled the first time and was subsequently replaced with a harder, “street rules” fight, Zimmerman tried to play the whole thing off by saying he was going to donate the proceeds (well, some of them) to the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Once again, the devil saw this from hell, put down his soul and cheese sandwich, and muttered, “F*ck. Are you kidding me? That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I am literally eating a soul trapped between layers of bread and cheese. What is wrong with this guy?” Well, thankfully the fight has been called off again after Trayvon’s family very logically said “NO” to all of that. TMZ reports …

As we reported … CEO Alki David wanted Zimmerman to fight multiple high profile opponents in a fight-club style match … and said he would donate all profits to the foundation created by Trayvon Martin’s family. But late today the foundation told TMZ it would NOT take any money from the fight, saying it “stands boldly against any act of violence” and would reject David’s donations. When we called David for comment he decided to pull the plug altogether, saying … “I respect the wishes of the family and in light of this we are canceling the event.”

Once again, seriously. SERIOUSLY. A guy gets famous for killing a kid, and decides to capitalize it with more violence? And then tries to write it off by donating to the charity of the kid he killed? There are so many layers of evil to that. It’s like a lasagna made of hate.

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