Tegan and Sara & The Lonely Island’s “Everything Is Awesome”

The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie

Quick story: On Monday, the boyfriend and I went to see The LEGO Movie (which was AMAZING, by the way) and stayed for the closing credits. There is no post-credits bonus scene, but still, it’s respectful. Anyway, the song “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” was firmly stuck in both of our heads when we had this conversation …

Paul: “Huh, did you know Tegan and Sara did this song?”
Me: “Shut up, really?”
Paul: “Yeah, see? Right there. Tegan and Sara.”
Me: “Huh … neat. Well, let’s go sing the chorus to ourselves for the rest of the week.”
Paul: “Let’s.”

So yeah, this is going to get stuck in your head. But it’s so friggin’ cheerful you won’t even mind.

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