Gerard Butler doesn’t who Brandi Glanville is

Gerard Butler and Brandi Glanville

So a little while ago, Brandi Glanville was all like “hey, I banged Gerard Butler for an entire week!” Because discretion is like kryptonite to socialite whores. So in what is quite possibly one of the best public displays of karma turning around and biting a bitch in the ass, Gerard Butler was questioned by TMZ on the subject, and he can’t for the life of him remember who this blonde skank is. HA! Awesome.

If Gerard Butler really did have mind-blowing sex with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville — as she proudly claims — he doesn’t remember it … asking TMZ, “Who’s Brandi Glanville?” In case you didn’t know … Brandi — Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife — recently appeared on a talk show, announcing she once bumped uglies with Gerard for an entire week … and it was so good, she rated him an 11 out of 10. But either Butler has so much good sex, he can’t remember every bangmates’s name — or Brandi’s lying. Both are equally plausible.

Honestly, this really should not be surprising when you remember that Gerard is both (A) straight, and (B) has a penis. That, and Brandi looks like she’s fresh from the Play-Doh ho mold, so honestly, there’s a chance that he did bang her but he just can’t remember because honestly, even I’m starting to forget who I’m talking about. LeAnn Rimes? Yes, it was probably LeAnn or some other skinny blonde ho.

Gerard Butler and Brandi Glanville

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