get well my peter jennings!

oh i’m so upset! my favorite news guy of all time mr. peter jennings announced he has come down with lung cancer – and will be getting treatments starting next week – popbytes so loves ‘ABC world news tonight’ – so this is a huge shout-out to peter jennings – please get better! we love you! you have been with us through so much – your coverage of 9/11 was comfort during the roughest time! i have watched you and the news since being a kid – my dad loves you (he was the one who got me started on abc news) – rather & brokaw can eat your dust! you so rock! popbytes wishing you a speedy recovery! oh this really killed my day – i’m really praying that peter will make it through this rough time – the news for sure would not be the same without him – much love and prayers – popbytes out!

ABC News “World News Tonight” anchor Peter
Jennings has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and will begin outpatient
treatment next week.

Jennings is expected to continue anchoring the news during the
chemotherapy “to the extent he can do so comfortably,” ABC News
President David Westin wrote in an e-mail today to the network’s news
staff. Charlie Gibson, Elizabeth Vargas and others will be substituting
for Jennings as necessary. read more

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