prince rainier RIP with grace

oh more sadness abounds! at least him and his true love – princess grace kelly – one of the most beautiful and stunning actresses of all time – the woman was gorgeous! grace died in a tragic car crash in 1982 – and prince rainier was never the same without her – god bless them both – what a reunion they must be having – much love as always – popbytes out for now (and yes virginia things do come in threes: the pope, frank perdue, and prince rainier)

Monaco’s Prince Rainier III, Europe’s longest reigning monarch,
has died at the age of 81 after a battle with lung, heart and kidney
problems, his palace says.

Rainier had ruled the tiny Mediterranean principality since 1949. He
will be succeeded by 47-year-old Prince Albert, who took over his
father’s royal duties last week as hopes faded that Rainier would

Rainier brought Hollywood glamour to Monaco by marrying beautiful
American actress Grace Kelly in 1956 and transformed the world’s
smallest state except for the Vatican from a faded gambling centre into
a billionaires’ haven.

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