gingerdead man 2: passion of the crust

happy friday morning everyone! are you in the mood for a little camp and schlock? the sequel to the gingerdead man has arrived – below is the trailer for gingerdead man 2: passion of the crust which someone sent my way a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked quite fun – who can pass up a movie about a possessed killer gingerbread man?!? (cookies made in the shape of men have always been a little creepy) you’ll notice kvon moezzi who you might remember from amish in the city plus my buddy jon southwell is in the film (pictured below w/ his eyeball hanging out) unfortunately this time around you’ll have to do without gary busey voicing ‘gingerdead man’ – he was too busy being crazy! there was a recent private screening of the ‘sacrilicious’ film for the cast and crew which i heard went really well (apparently it kicks the first film’s ass) soon the flick (via full moon direct) will be available by ‘video on demand’ as well as DVD on june 5th! i also have two quicktime clips which you can check out here & here (the second one is semi-NSFW) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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