goodbye idol hopeful syesha mercado

hey kids! i’m so sorry i didn’t get to my normal wednesday evening american idol post – since i was at the kate nash concert last night there just wasn’t enough time – anyways as expected syesha mercado (the last lady standing) was given the boot last night (who really started to grow on me over the past few weeks) leaving us with our final two idol contenders – david cook & david archuleta (pictured below standing together) i swear this has been one of the worst seasons of idol – i do like mr. cook a lot but there have been past seasons that i was way more into – i’m totally ready for all the idol hoopla to come to an end! the good folks over at AOL television asked me to make a prediction as to who would most likely win this season along with a few other bloggers which you can check out here – i will be voting like mad for rocker david cook to win although i have a sinking feeling little ‘awww shucks’ boy david archuleta will walk off with this year’s title :( next week i’ll be in boston on business for a few days so i’ll be getting my vote on from the east coast – i’m excited to get out of town although i always get stressed over dealing w/ popbytes while on the road – posting will of course carry on – maybe just a little lighter than normal! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo


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