So The GLAAD Media Awards happened …

Ricky Martin

Because you can never give rich people enough trophies, The GLAAD Media Awards were last night, where The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation handed out awards for treating gay people like actual human beings, which honestly at this point should be like giving out awards for not sending your neighbors a pipe-bomb, but apparently human beings need to be reminded every now and then to actually act like human beings with the help of shiny, shiny trinkets.

The Rev. Al Sharpton introduced an excellence award, presented to Russell Simmons, and Tina Fey nabbed the prize for best individual episode of a television show not containing a regular LGBT character for 30 Rock.

Ricky Martin, who came out in 2010, was given the Vito Russo Award for his work eliminating homophobia. The episode of Oprah Winfrey‘s show in which he discussed his sexuality and fatherhood won for outstanding talk show episode of the year.

Vampire king Denis O’Hare accepted on behalf of True Blood, which landed outstanding drama series. Other notables included silver fox Anderson Cooper, given the statue for excellence in television journalism for his 360 series on gay teen suicide. SOURCE

Meh, say what you will about the GLAAD Awards (Seriously, do it, they need publicity like plants need sunshine and water and like I need Bailey’s Irish Cream and Oxycontin), but you got to admit they at least have great taste. By which I mean they gave awards to things I think are funny or people who I find to be totally sexalicious. I’m looking at you, Anderson Cooper. Rrrrrrow.

Ricky Martin

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