Golden Balls Has Still Got It!

As if you needed another reminder that David Beckham‘s genitals still work (you do, don’t lie), it looks like he managed to knock up his wife. Which confuses me since Victoria Beckham weighs about as much helium and by the looks of, and couldn’t accommodate anything larger than a crayon without being split down the middle.

Soccer star David Beckham and his supermodel wife,Victoria, are set to expand their brood this summer. “David and Victoria Beckham are delighted to confirm they are expecting their fourth child in the summer,” Victoria’s spokeswoman Jo Milloy confirms to “[Sons] Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are very excited about the arrival of their new brother or sister.” SOURCE

I don’t see this ending well. Sure, a new child is always something to celebrate, but really? Imagine taking a baby and housing it for nine months in a woman with the waist of a twelve-year-old girl. I’m not saying that this might not be the best idea ever, but I’m willing to bet twenty bucks that her baby’s going to end up popping out of her belly Alien-style. SKREEEEEEEEE!

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