The Kardashians are being sued for $75 million. ROFLCOPTER.

Remember when they launched the (I apologize for this) Kardashian Kredit Kard and everyone found out that it was all a big scam? Well, after the Kardashian sisters pulled out of the deal, they’re being sued for $75 million for breaking their contract, promising one of the greatest legal battles since Pot v. Kettle.

The Kardashian sisters cost fans big money with their short-lived and ill-fated pre-paid debit card, and now, it may cost them big time. According to Radar Online, the sisters are being sued for $75 million by Revenue Resource Group for pulling out of a deal with Mastercard for a pre-paid debit card for fans, saying the reneging cost the company millions. SOURCE

Yeah, there’s really no positive outcome for this one is there? On one hand, you have a group of people who earn their money by lying to the American public and manipulating people with false claims, and the other … well, actually they’re pretty much one and the same, is there? At least when you get screwed by the Kardashian sisters, they swallow.

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