goodbye idol bucky!

so long & farewell to bucky covington – the white trash hottie you always wanted to mess around with…so this pathetic year of american idol is now down to the final seven – i am still rooting for chris daughtry – this year sucks so bad – so at least let the rocker win this year to shake things up – never has a rocker won (bo bice only came in second and i much prefer mr. daughtry anyways…he is someone to crawl up with at night!)

so i was heading back from the grocery store tonight – when i spotted idol loser dirtbag corey clark (you all remember the whole paula-gate a few months back…) hustling some sorta CD (i assume some shit music junk of his own making) on hollywood blvd…right at the crosswalk between orange & highland – plus he had pictures of himself he was signing for any pathetic tourist that got trapped by him (a girl was standing close behind him with a whole boxful of pictures ready to be signed!) oh he looked like a snake and i loathe snakes! i wish i had my camera in the car but alas i did not and he was certainly not worth a trip back – just be warned people clark is loose on the blvd! popbytes over & out until tomorrow…xxoo!

PS oh one more thing please do stay tuned – i have a very exciting cool new popbytes weekly feature that will debut tomorrow! i am so stoked – i think it is all something you will enjoy and i know it will keep you coming back for more…rock on!

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