new on popbytes – mashups!!!

hey kids! oh happy thursday! i am so excited to present a new original column here on popbytes (it’s so all about the original content & thoughts in this highly competitive blogosphere…) – DJ paul v. emailed me recently as a fan of popbytes – when i realized he was the beloved DJ behind those lovable mashups (special personal thanks to nessa for first turning me on!) on indie radio 103.1 here in LA – i knew it was pop kismet that we were bound to do something together!

so every thursday dj paul v. will be offering up a mashup of the week here on popbytes! how much fun is that? and if you happen to be trapped in your car during rush hour (or practically any hour here in los angeles…) make sure to tune into paul’s show every friday at 5:30pm – check out the first mashup – it’s our crazy beloved and oh so talented björk vs. the cure – popbytes over & out – i hope you all enjoy this new feature – and many thanks to paul…xxoo!

Hello popbytes fans!

I stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago, and now
I’m hooked. Even late bloomers need love too! My name’s DJ Paul V., and
you might know me from my various queer club events in LA (Dragstrip 66
& Bootie LA at The Echo), or from Indie 103.1 FM. Over the past year and
half, I’ve been the guy presenting mashup & bootleg tracks from all over
the world there with the Mashup of the Day. And that led to my weekly
DJ mix, The Smash Mix – every Friday @ 5:30pm.

If you need to know, a mashup is the loose term to describe two (or
more) different songs that are digitally combined together to make one,
new, fabulous moment of ‘bastard pop.’ The really good ones are truly
mindblowing. Some people don’t ‘get it’ right away, but once they hear
the right ones, they come around pronto.

So here’s a new feature for popbytes – Mashup of the Week. I’ll be
presenting you with a new mix every week, and here we make our debut
with one of the first mashups I ever heard. It’s Björk‘s “A Hidden
Place”, set to the music of The Cure‘s “A Forest,” created by Gordyboy.
It’s beautiful, haunting, dazzling & delicious! Enjoy!

– DJ Paul V.

» Listen to Björk vs. The Cure (.mp3 7.4mb) «