lohan & moss are so sneaky!

hey hey! what a day it has been and tomorrow is friday – so all is just A-OK! so i was poking around tonight seeking out some sorta photo to diss on – and these two pics below of ms. lindsay lohan kanoodling with ms. kate moss at a recent ‘private’ party (something to do with calvin klein) fit the bill quite perfectly for tonight!

gosh you just gotta love the whole moss (mess) factor – look at her with drink and marlboro lights in hand – she is so telling lindsay something along the lines of – oh we can go over there and get our party on… so then in the second picture – drinks & smokes are gone and the party obviously has begun! time for some fierce glamour shots while lookin’ good & feelin’ gorgeous (well for at least five minutes…if you know what i mean…) oh i really do wonder what kate was pointing at – it had to be something naughty & sneaky! no ill will to either one of them though except the fact that the moss outfit is ugly as homemade sin but i would go get naughty & sneaky with them if they asked! that would be a hot story for popbytes – ha! oh good times people – anyways i will be back in a bit with one more fun item for the evening…popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!


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