goodbye idol lisa tucker

gosh at least FOX didn’t cut lisa tucker‘s final performance off – usually they do – gosh i kinda liked ms. tucker but she made a huge mistake last night on american idol by singing a song that is in heavy radio rotation at the moment – idol queen kelly clarkson‘s awesome because of you – i think when people do a song that is really fresh in our pop minds – it’s so easy to compare and her version just paled in comparison to ms. clarkson’s…

but lisa is very young at 16 and i know down the road we will be hearing from her again – overall though idol sucked super hardcore last night – dudes they had to pick a song from the past six years – there are plenty of great songs from the 21st century and they all came up with pretty shitty choices – i would have to say i enjoyed mandisa the best – but besides all that…how hot was ms. shakira – damn i so love ‘hips don’t lie’ what a great track – her hips certainly do not lie (hello brent!) yet i kinda thought at some points that wyclef jean was lip syncing but maybe it’s just my crazy ‘lip sync alert radar’ – anyways popbytes over & out until tomorrow – xxoo!

PS i just had to share that i had my best day o’ traffic yet – i am thrilled! jan ’06 was my best overall month in almost three years and march ’06 is kicking some serious traffic ass – thanks for all stopping by – popbytes is so here to stay! up up up & away! (…in my beatiful pop balloon!)

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