mandisa & us gays…

oh lordy – i hope (and yes pray) that american idol hopeful mandisa doesn’t turn out to be the next anita bryant – a scandal is a brewin’ – i got an email this morning from another blogger telling me about two stories which you can check out here & here – the other night when mandisa sang a song from christian group mary mary – she gave an intro that went a little like this This song goes out to everyone who wants to be free! Your addiction, your lifestyle, your situation may be big. But God is bigger. – what else do you think she could mean by using the word ‘lifestyle’ – this is all quite disappointing as i had really taken to ms. mandisa…free my ass – she needs to free her waistline!

nnow i am having a lot of second thoughts on mandisa – will be very interesting to see what she sings next week – and if she can keep any ‘lifestyle’ comments to her big self – she obviously doesn’t realize that us gays can vote too – so keep yr beliefs to yourself – we don’t need an idol on a narrow-minded soap box! lots of gayish scandals going down on idol – check out blog ‘faded youth’ and his post on record company RCA pulling clay aiken‘s latest album release info from their website…good times – and one more thing – check out a question below that mandisa answered on the idol website…a bible teacher? annointed? oi vey – popbytes over & out for now – xxoo…

If you couldn’t sing, which talent would you most like to have?

I would love to be an annointed and effective Bible teacher.

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