harry potter & popbytes!

gosh this weekend has flown by – i can’t believe it! where does the day go? well popbytes is all clean and spiffy with my new super short haircut – thanks to ms. angel/angelina down at vous salon on melrose – i have been going there for years – dina (aka yanee) the owner is just fabulous and oh so sweet – so if you need a cut here in LA – it surely comes popbytes recommended – super chill plus they give great cuts and my dear lady luzinda is wild & oh so cute – so rock on! let’s just say my new cut is an evolution from my mohawk – once the NY Times called that cut cute – it was all downhill – so i plan to start a new trend…maybe i will post some pics sometime soon…

so yeah i am doing the usual rounds on tv tonight but i am really excited for tomorrow (even though it is monday) – i was invited to attend the LA premiere of the new harry potter film – goblet of fire over in westwood – this is my first invite of this type and i am so looking forward to it – for sure will bring my camera and snap some pics that i hope will be awesome and i intend to share them here on popbytes! i have never been a huge harry potter fan (never read one of the books) – but i did catch the last movie in the series and really enjoyed it…and fans seem to think this installment will rock – anyways i am out for now – have a great rest of your sunday night – and i will check-in tomorrow with my latest monday .mp3! xxoo

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