HEART they just !ROCK! (these dreams go on when i close my eyes – tell me you dont get goosebumps from that one!) – they are so underrated along with ms lauper (dudes this lady is classy – smart – and an amazing songwriter – writing songs is key to a big bank acct) – and now madonna just announced her “reinvention” tour – ok i saw madge a few days after 9/11 – and i was so unimpressed – im such a smaller venue – intimate setting – different set list – a la tori and indigo girls – im not a fan of huge staged spectacle-esque concerts – but i may try to make my way to this in may when she kicks off tour in LA – does three dates on west coast – heads east then to europe – could be cool? sure someone like HBO will cover and release some DVD – so not too much new –

it was OK – i voted for amy adams – surprisingly she nailed the night – with the perfect country vibe – all others seemed uncomfortable – i do like that diana darmo as well – shes young but very talented – we shall see on the 1 hour special on wed –

mike white is brilliant – molly is a dream who is doable in nice small half hour doses – a 2 hr ordeal would drive a person bonkers – how does she ever keep that up? jason schwartzman is a doll – and dad chris mcdonald shines! FOX RULES!

will lay off the whole 62 thing – maybe its not weird – and im just a paranoid freak – but it is VERY odd –

wed night brings AI – and i think a new OC – which i have tried before to get into without any luck – may try again – and there is a new hunky bachelor on the horizon to continue the whole ABC reality hook-up – ok im outtie – traffic has been great – really trying to steer the site into something concrete and meaningful – blogging has been truly inspirational – the internet is finally enabling people to do what we ‘envisioned’ just a few yrs ago – ok i now have on WILSON PHILLIPS – i just LOVED them – hold on is a true pop classic – on that note – i hope you all are getting some semi-enjoyment from my labors –

one more note – i have now heard from like 5 people how great ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND is – i cant wait! i love kaufmann – and gondry is a video god – and carrey is supposed to give a great performance (for me i have liked him more and more as time goes on – im so not into ACE VENTURA – and will be good to see new mom kate winslet on screen – if you never saw THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE – do check it out – with kate and k spacey – its a really gripping nailbiter – and one more thing my hip as one could be – miss susan – who had such great shoes on the other day (she thinks they were from bloomies) saw DAWN OF THE DEAD – and said its GREAT! i have two movies i MUST see – gosh im mouthy tonight – carrry on – carry on! and keep yr eyes out for that cursed combo of 62!

ok i cant help myself – but an amazing shout out to brilliant FLEETWOOD MAC – their recent special on VH1 was gripping – and say you will is a TRULY SOLID ALBUM – and it confirms stevie as queen of cool – and lindsey is just plain annoying – sorry!

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