this is really weird – see list below

1. martha stewart – 62

2. aretha franklin (hospitalized 2 days ago – in stable condition – 62

3. jj jackson (first MTV vj – just died) – 62

4. tammy faye (lung cancer just announced) – 62

5. actor paul winfield died a few weeks ago – 62

6. anyone wanna place themselves here? must be 62 – ok dont you think thats weird?? i do – lets all see what happens when we turn 62!

oh it was his perogative to get out of jail – and he did – who you may ask? oh mr bobby brown – he was released three days early – to attend some emergency virginia family court hearing – whatever that could be? only bobby and maybe ms rehab may know – i must say the celebrity support for whitney has been overwhelmingly positive – gosh i hope she can pull through – whitney rules – i saw her in 1998 before all her ‘erratic’ behavior started – and she just kicked ass – and during i will always love you – you know the big part when shes like AND IIIIIIIIIII WILLLLLLL ALWAYS – the big part – well she was sitting down – and stood up – threw her towel down and delivered a line that brought the audience to its feet – oh the church of whitney! we are all praying for you – yr gonna pull through – and kick some ass soon!

i was shocked to discover that FOREVER EDEN has been moved to thursday – i was so looking forward to it tonight – that song keeps playing in my head – that silly theme song – so if CSI is a repeat – i will tune in this week – its a bad bad sign when they start juggling a show around like this – eternity may only be a few fun weeks on FOX…only time will tell!

im outtie y’all – check u laters!

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