Here’s who won big at The Academy Awards last night …

The Oscars

The Oscars

The bad news is that there really isn’t that much to talk about in regards to the Oscars. The good news is that that means everyone did their job; remember how newsworthy last year’s Oscars were? Well, that was because everyone hated Seth MacFarlane afterwards. A well done Academy Awards is one that doesn’t throw us easy stories. So let’s just jump straight into the winners then, shall we?

Best Picture
12 Years A Slave

Best Director
Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

Best Actor
Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Actress
Cate Blanchette, Blue Jasmine

Best Supporting Actor
Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Supporting Actress
Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years A Slave

Best Original Screenplay
Spike Jonze, Her

Best Adapted Screenplay
12 Years A Slave, John Ridley

Best Animated Film

Best Cinematography

Best Original Song
“Let It Go,” Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez


See? Everything went as it should have. I still think Amy Adams should have won for American Hustle, but that’s just me.

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