popbytes has set a record – i have had the highest number of unique visitors since i really ramped up the site – right now standing at 323! BUT no one ever comments or emails me – is anyone finding this site amusing or funny? any ideas? do i need top ten lists? more surveys? talk to me people – tell me what you want – and i will dish it out EMAIL ME NOW!! – and if anyone thinks i should have a small spot on any gossip show – please talk to me!! its all good – peace out – and read on…

saw a 2 hour marathon last night of this paris hilton – nicole ritchie crazy show in altus (in like louisiana or something) and i was laughing so hard – these girls are so fun and crazy – and paris’ dog tinkerbell is so adorable – these girls may be messy and obnoxious – but i think they are sweet at heart – and are not mean spirited – and paris mentioned she hated shannon doherty – she is the ex of rick solomon – paris’ partner in the sex tape – and this was taped all before that broke – where is that shannon??

again kudos to the best thing on daytime – and now roman brady is about to get axed by the serial killer – this is crazy – after just marrying kate – and poor kate – who by far is one of the BEST characters – she has looked for happiness for so long – she finally gets it – and BAM – a serial killer – but whats refreshing is that these type shows NEVER kill anyone – characters linger for years (decades even!) floundering and chewing the scenery – so with 6 deaths already and 4 more to come – daytimes doesnt get better than this – and the addition of mimi’s mom BONNIE LOCKHEART is a real coup – a great actress – and fun character!

i havent heard anything bad abou this civil war drama with kidman – and stunning jude law (and renee z too for fun) – and anthony minghella directed – who had done some of my favorites like THE ENGLISH PATIENT – when he carries kristin scott-thomas’ lifeless body out of that cave in the desert – that is high drama – and the soundtrack is incredible!

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