How many people liked Paris Hilton’s DJ skills?

Paris Hilton

So yesterday, the web got its first glimpse at Paris Hilton failing at another art form, as Paris popped out her little Easy-Fake DJ Booth and tried to actually play music. By which I mean, she turned a knob that did absolutely nothing before accidentally playing a Rihanna song over her own song, and then someone had to come out and fix everything she did. It was glorious in its misery, it really was. Anyway, real DJ Deadmau5 saw what Paris was trying to do and promptly drop-kicked her on Twitter.

To his credit, DJ Afrojack must have seen Paris taking a huge, syphilitic shit on his craft, because he changed his Twitter bio to a Wikipedia entry on facepalming, and then tweeted these cryptic missives:

Granted, it’s no “Now, I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”, which would have been the appropriate response for enabling Paris, but it’s a start at least.

Paris Hilton

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