Hugh Hefner is also gonna be just fine!

Anna Sophia Berglund and Hugh Hefner

While Crystal Harris surrounds herself with stupid blonde whores, Hugh Hefner‘s been off surrounding himself with stupid blonde whores, because now that I think about it, these two were meant for each other. Anyway, despite only being dumped last week, Hugh Hefner is already dating another Playboy bunny. HA! And they made fun of him when he bought a back-up skank … well who’s laughing now, suckas?!

According to our sources, Hef has a new main girl — Miss January 2011 Anna Sophia Berglund. According to our sources, Anna has now moved into Hef’s room and the two have taken to calling each other “babe” around other people. We’re told during a recent movie night at the Playboy Mansion, the two were cuddling and kissing during the entire movie. One source put it bluntly — “It’s clear Hef has moved on to Anna.” SOURCE

Remember all the people who fawned over Hef because they thought he was heartbroken? Yeah, not so much. I mean seriously, the man has his own personal 100% off discount at Whores ‘R Us, he probably has a pool house full of back-ups just in case one fails. “Oh dear, the newest model seems to have a hangnail. Feed her to the rancor and bring in a replacement model. HEF HAS SPOKEN!”

Anna Sophia Berglund and Hugh Hefner

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